Webcasts & Videos

Video emails, newscasts, podcasts, streaming & online video

An important step in building a reputation as an authority in a field is to share information about an area of expertise your company has. This is often best distributed through video.

With the rise of smart phones and augmented reality devices like Google Glasses, video content is becoming more important than ever for businesses. Social media like Facebook and Youtube now magnify the reach of content, and even short video commercials and ads can become viral sensations, seen by thousands a day.

Video messages and webcasts are a very easy way to become a fixture in your customers daily life. Utilizing targeted email distribution,  businesses can customize video content for customers and track return on investment (ROI) based on differing demographics.

Videographers, production staff, and equipment can be provided by our team to provide turn-key video production capability for your business.  Custom programming can also be produced by our editorial staff.