Create, Don't Share

I get excited every time I see something original and useful on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest. My first thought is to click 'share' when the content might be helpful to our clients, but I have learned over my years working in social media that sometimes sharing reduces the visibility of useful content. It seems counterintuitive, but many social media sites (like Facebook!) penalize postings that are considered reposts of information that have already made rounds on the net and through social networks. Seemingly viral posts may be useful to end users, but from the social networks point of view, the content is old and unoriginal. Discovery and novelty are the en vogue paradigms that are floating to the top of the social media depths, and if you are the creator of novel content, you will do swimmingly well.

Creation of content is the easy part -- by writing this article, I'm creating content. Creating USEFUL content is a bit harder, but if you are a focused and informed person, it can be done with a bit of effort. The hard part of creating original and useful content is doing it regularly and being consistent in quality. Quality assurance, as it's called in the production and sales industries, means an attention to detail and a reduction of errors. If every single piece of content you create is to an exacting standard, the quality of your production will speak for itself in the marketplace of ideas. Once you have content that meets the standards you set for yourself, focus on becoming a production or assembly line. Find the most effective techniques at increasing your efficiency and use them to enhance your quality and the types of content you create.

Maintaining consistent results in content creation will set you apart from the many content creators vying for attention with search engines like Google, but with social networks it will make you shine like a star. Social networks are desperate for novel content to 'go viral' and increase their page views, give them what they want and you too will benefit from increased page ranking, a boost in exposure, and engagement that translates to sales and return on investment.