Proceed With Caution

Most people who have used a computer to connect to the internet know that not everything online is friendly. We've all experienced viruses, malware, adware, spyware and a variety of other things that make the internet unsavory. As a result of this most of us have some form of anti-virus and increasingly some kind of internet security. Not only are average consumers becoming more aware of their security but browser developers (from Microsoft to Google and Mozilla to name a few) are also looking to protect you on the internet before you wind up on an infected site.

Warning messages range from "Proceed with caution: this website is suspected of malware." to "Are you sure this is the site you wish to visit? It has been reported as containing unsafe materials." Either one of these messages tends to send customers scrambling to try and find another website and losing trust in the company that they just visited. These flags can be attached to your site because of an incident with hacking, a previous owner of a domain who used it for illegal activities or a bad review left on services like McAfee SiteAdvisor.


Though it's not likely that your site has been infected or poorly reviewed it's always best to do intermittent checks to ensure that your website is considered safe by the big players. The big names that are worth checking are Google's Safe Browsing and Microsoft SmartScreen. Mozilla Firefox uses the same blacklist that Google does so that's always the best place to start because you'll hit two birds with one stone. StopBadware and McAfee SiteAdvisor are other very popular services which are great to ensure that you pass browser inspection and common anti-virus inspection as well.

I would encourage everyone with a website to do periodic checks to ensure that everyone who is coming to your website is getting the safest experience possible using the above tools or you can get in contact with me and we can discuss scans and additional security measures that can be taken to improve the status of your website or correct negative reviews.