Fair Weather Social Media

Yogi Berra once said of a St. Louis restaurant, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

The irony of Yogi's statement is clear, and it's also what I might call a 'partial truth'. People are fickle, and sometimes that translates to fair weather friends -- or in the case of the restaurant Yogi mentioned, fair weather customers. In Social Media today, there are many fair weather customers/users. There are so many choices available for the average internet user to connect with family, friends, and brands, that most choose the most popular according to their own circle of connections. In most cases, that's still Facebook -- the juggernaut in social media.


A recent article on Mashable by a 13 year old girl about Facebook's decline restarted the conversation that waxes and wanes periodically. Ruby Carp claims that out of all of her friends she's the only one on Facebook, and that as alternatives like Instagram have taken precedent in her teen world, the juggernaut Facebook is out. In many places on the net, you will find her comments as the impetus for conversations about Facebook's sudden or soon to be failure with an entire generation.

The problem with this 'sky is falling' warning, is that it is an opinion, not a fact. Slate.com published a response to Ruby's article where they point out the problems with Ruby's logic - read it here. To put it succinctly - Facebook is everywhere, and despite some people fighting against its saturation and its preeminence, it's still the most utilized and most talked about social media platform - even among teens. (Here's another teens response to Ruby in support of Facebook's dominance and continued utility.)

For businesses, ignoring Facebook is a marketing faux pas. While it may be true that Facebook's popularity goes up and down, it is still relevant and vital for any marketing plan. When it comes to popularity contests, leave them to the 13 year olds. Focus your marketing plan on including the most relevant venues for you to reach clients and customers, and you will see a return on investment and an increase in profitability and brand loyalty.

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