Cultivating Relationships With Your Clients

Every successful marketing campaign includes a social media expert and a wish that the campaign will spark a viral transmission throughout the interwebs, right? Well, most people think that's the way things work, but they couldn't be more wrong. Making your brand or business the most talked about, utilized, and promoted through social media doesn't happen because you force your message upon unsuspecting passersby’s on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Constant updates and content creation does help your overall views and distribution, but to be truly effective at generating leads, you must cultivate relationships with potential customers and clients. Building trust with potential leads eventually turns in to solid business relationships with serious returns on investment.

A recent example that came to our teams’ attention was an article posted this week on the Huffington Post about Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. The brand's marketing has been almost entirely focused on direct messaging to bartenders, rather than purchasing agents, owners, or consumers. This method seems to be indirect, but if you read the article about their successes, you'll see that their efforts have truly paid off.

Consider your business and its services or products... are there other avenues to build awareness that you haven't considered? Think outside the box and consider your options. When marketing focuses to narrowly on one type of consumer (content curators), it often misses out on the most influential types of consumers. Take a wide focus and plan on including diverse targets for your marketing campaigns. Once you have found your most impactful influencers, cater to their interests and don't let their purchasing power fool you... sometimes influence speaks louder than money.