Marketing Analytics

We conduct surveys, focus groups, sales data analysis, & web usability testing

To stay relevant to an ever changing group of clients and customers in a rapidly changing world, businesses have to stay up-to-date on trends and technology.

Social networks, and other social media, have boomed in the past 5 years or more. Navigating the changes in marketing and utilizing the many tools now available can be time consuming, but it need not be insurmountable. 

We work with our clients to determine what social media platforms work best for their needs, and setup each account necessary to ensure maximum effectiveness. Some businesses prefer to use social networks as a broadcast tool, but we think its important to include engagement and interaction in your social media 'footprint'.  You can utilize social media as a way to remind customers about what you do, but also why you do it.  Engaging content that gives useful information is part of the recipe for success, but active management of pages and profiles, frequent updates, and continuous direct communication with fans/followers is also critical.